Sliding Windows and Door Shutters

Often referred to as Privacy, Room Dividers or Bypass Shutters, we offer neat and sophisticated looking shutter that add to the privacy and aesthetic of any office, house or flat whilst maintaining additional security and piece of mind.

Distributors and installers of custom made adjustable privacy & bypass shutters

Benefits of Sliding Windows and Door Shutters

These shutters that are designed to separate and create new spaces. Ideal for creating privacy on open outside areas or used as room dividers within the home.

The shutters are made from steel, aluminium and/or wood and custom made to suit client specifications and colours.

Various slat sizes and finishes can be selected. Created in such a way to facilitate sun control when needed as the full panels are slide-able in tracks.

These shutters are suitable for patios and balconies as well as for high rise windows that require a little more privacy from people on the outside. They are commonly used on balconies, patios and flats to ensure additional privacy.

Used inside an office or large room, the shutters are a fantastic way of channeling space and flow around these areas and creating new and useful areas that can be expanded and moved around with relative ease.

Please contact us if you have any questions and one of our specialists will come out and see you to assist with your project, security and space and planning.


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  • For interior use only
  • Made from solid wood and/or aluminium
  • Available in a selection of standard finishes and colours
  • Have UV and fade resistant finishes for longevity
  • Have a blade profile size of 89mm


Shutter options for opening and stacking