About Shutters.click

Your premium custom security shutters, aluminium or wood shutters, flyscreens and blinds manufacturer. With over 20 years market experience contact the leading experts in Cape Town to ensure piece of mind, quality guaranteed and hassle free service.


Our market share extends to a broad range of public and private customer profiles and feature in the following sectors:

  • Domestic & Private
  • Commercial
  • Lifestyle & Retail
  • Hospitality – Restaurants, Luxury Lodges, Hotels & Venues
  • Developments
  • Architects and Interior Designers

We work in close co-operation with architects, window and door manufacturers in the design of our products to ensure correct installation and an aesthetically pleasing result. We are able to comprehensively manage contracts from initial design and production through to final delivery.

Research & Development

All research, development and assembly of our custom Shutters Dot Click, proudly South African world class products – shutters, blinds and flyscreens – takes place at its centrally positioned premises in Cape Town, South Africa. The research and development team consistently innovate to improve our product ranges as markets develop by keeping up to date with:

  • International and local trends
  • Material developments
  • Customer experience
  • Security issues
  • Performance tests

Sustainability & Environmental Practices

  • We source – international standard – quality materials and procure these locally whenever possible
  • Our Cape Town based factory practices international efficiencies in production
  • Power efficient – running induction machinery and compressed air tools. Generators supply power when needed. All this helps reduce our carbon foot print.
  • Clean factory and operating environment practices to help remove foreign particles such as dust during the manufacture process.
  • Efficient transport management
  • Staff education and training skillset development, resulting in a highly skilled workforce able to operate high end machinery and production line management
  • Our wood production waste is collected, processed and becomes compost
  • Our aluminium excess and waste is collected for recycling
  • We consistently look to improve our sustainable and environmental impact through our operations wherever possible